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Your Trees Deserve The Best Care Available.

      Our tree care program is the most effective in the industry because it is the result of over 50 years of our experience in the arborculture, horticulture, and microbiology sciences. We produce and apply our own beyond-organic ingredients and methods that work with nature, not against it. This means it is safe for your trees, but also for your family members, pets, and the water in our lakes, rivers, and wells. You will never have to worry if we are applying harmful chemicals on your property. 
     With our minds ever more focused on health during these uncertain times, we know it is vital for our home environment to be healthy and safe. Our all-natural products will never have a negative effect on your tree’s or your household’s health. If harmful chemicals are sprayed or applied to your trees, it can be harmful to those loved ones most important to us. Deblen will never use these.

Assessment, Application Of Medicine, Treatment Plans For Your Trees

     Your sick tree can have any number of issues affecting it’s health, we must determine what that is and what it needs to get better by inspecting your trees and deciding what is best for them. 
     After this happens, we high-pressure inject the root zone around the tree with our proprietary liquid, fracturing and revitalizing the soil in the roots. This promotes proper soil health, pH levels, microbe activity, and triggers new root growth, which benefits the visible portions of the tree above ground.
     We also soak the trunk, lower branches, and leaves/needles with our nutrition liquid which benefits the tree topically.
     Deblen Organic Tree formula is injected into the sap conducting tissue and address fungus and insect issues within your tree quickly by going directly into the sap highway running throughout trees’ trunk, limbs, branches, and twigs. Think of it is a natural antibiotic and insect control for your tree.
     We will advise how long and to what extent your treatment plan needs to be and get your sick tree on the road to health as the tree improves over time.

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We Partner With The Best

Companies In Minnesota

      After we treat your trees, if your trees need additional trimming, or you want to add new trees or landscaping, we work with the best companies in Minnesota to help you with that. We will happily recommend the top tree services, landscapers, and property management companies that have your tree’s best interest at heart.  

These businesses are approved by Deblen The Tree Doctor.  These companies consult regularly with us to ensure the best possible care for their customers’ tree health before, during, and after their work is completed to achieve success.  They know construction, landscaping, and tree service equipment can take a toll on your young and old trees, and they care about your satisfaction. 

The Best Methods Equal The Best Results

     Your trees are looking sick, that’s why you are looking for help. 
     If you want the best possible results you must address the tree’s symptoms with an even more powerful solution to fix the problem’s source. 
     Treating symptoms like a bare branch, insects, or leaf dieback with only chemical sprays or injections will do just that, address the symptom only. It will never help the underlying issue in the rootzone and overall health of the tree that is causing the symptoms. 
      At Deblen, our treatments heal and balance the pH in the roots, promote new and vigorous root growth, thereby triggering new growth in the tree, bringing new and beautiful twigs, branches, and limbs back to life with leaf and needle growth. 
     For decades, our customers have seen their cherished trees rebuilt from the roots up with our help, preventing them from having to go through the costly process of removing trees, and then replacing with a small transplant that will take a lifetime to grow the same size as the tree that would be lost without our intervening. Do what you truly want to do: Save that precious tree and be happy by calling Deblen. 

Deep Root Feed

“Deep root feed with all natural tree food designed by us, oxygenate the roots/soil around tree, balance the pH, introduce more beneficial microbe activity, reduce fungus and harmful bacteria.”

Treat Tree Surfaces

“Spray tree surfaces for fungus and insects and to provide additional nutrition.”

Call Us Before You Build

     Starting a new contruction project but you are worried about damaging your trees? We have a very effective tree root strengthening process that helps prepare your trees for the damage ahead. Root compaction and damage from equipment, backfilling, digging, trenching and more are tree killers. We can even help during and after to help save your trees from the damage.

Fresh Transplants

“Fresh Transplants: new trees are in shock from being moved from their pots or mounds at the tree farms, and many of them die as a result. We reduce the effects of shock by treating them regularly until they have developed strong roots and have acclimated to their new environment.”

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Contact us below or through our contact info page, and we will gladly add you to our list of tree assessments. Emails, phone calls, and /or text messages will be responded to as urgently as possible Monday-Friday. 

Annual Tree Maintenance Plans

After getting your trees healthy, or to prevent healthy trees from getting sick, many customers prefer to have their trees cared for yearly to ensure the best health and preservation as they enjoy their lake homes year after year. We can set up an annual treatment once or even twice every summer depending on the circumstances of the trees and homeowner. This works well along with other yearly programs offered by lawn and landscape companies. Your trees need regular care too.

Spring/Summer Treatments

“Spring/Summer Treatments cover all bases, as everything that attacks trees is alive in the warm weather months.”

Fall Treatment

“Fall Treatment is a specific root system supplement that helps the tree grow extra healthy roots before deep frost that will support spring energy needs. Better fall roots=better spring start up.”

Annual Maintenance

“Yearly maintenance programs for folks who want their trees cared for regularly, this ensures we are keeping track of their trees so they don’t need to. They just know their trees will always be improving as they grow.”

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