Deblen Team

About Us

Deblen The Tree Doctor is a Minnesota State Certified Tree Inspector. Because we care about the environment as much as we care about your trees, we use all-natural plant based, botanical, and essential oil products to feed, fertilize and control insects and disease. The technology developed by our scientists, horticulturists, and microbiologists surpasses conventional tree care methods. By using our own clean, custom built products, you can be confident you are getting the best tree care for your trees, while also being safe for nature, water, people, pets, and the earth. Unlike the other tree companies, our treatments are safe to use any time of the growing season-thaw to frost. They cannot use their synthetic chemicals past mid summer because they trigger “fake” growth unsupported by enough healthy roots to correspond with new foliage, this means the new underdeveloped roots do not harden by fall, freeze, and then cause die back in the spring of the prior seasons new growth because those weak roots couldn’t handle the winter. On the other hand, Deblen treats SAFELY any time of the growing season all the way to frost, since our natural tree treatments stimulate new growth the correct way, the new roots are properly formed and hardened by final frost, therefore any new growth is preserved for the next year with no loss of new foliage.

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